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Brainance MD Modules

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DICOM Viewer

DICOM Viewer is designed to be intuitive and simple to use. It includes multiple image handling and manipulation features in order to assist you display, review and analyze 2D & 3D brain MRI studies.

Ability to take screenshots, notes and create structured pdf reports. You can also download into DICOM and NIFTI formats any generated maps, ROIs and fiber tracts.

DICOM Viewer


Diffusion analysis is used to visualize local water diffusion properties. The Fiber Tracking feature utilizes the directional dependency of the diffusion to display the white matter structure in the brain or more generally the central nervous system.

Brainance MD includes features as: Parametric map auto-calculation (Colormap, Apparent Diffusion Coefficient map, Fractional Anisotropy map, B0 map, Axial Diffusivity map, Radial Diffusivity map etc.), Region/Volume of interest (ROI/VOI) statistics (histograms, mean & std values etc.), fiber tracking (3D reconstruction of the white matter’s fiber bundles) and fiber tract statistics.


DSC Perfusion

Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion (DSC Perfusion) analysis provides information about the blood vessel structure and characteristics as a response of the brain to the injection of a specific contrast agent.

Brainance MD includes features as: Parametric map auto-calculation (rCBV, rCBF, rMTT, rTTP, nCBV, nCBF etc.), Region/Volume of interest (ROI/VOI) statistics (probability density histograms, mean & std values etc.), and mirroring ROI analysis.

DSC Perfusion


fMRI analysis is used to highlight small magnetic susceptibility changes in the human brain in areas with altered blood-flow resulting from neuronal activity.

Brainance MD enables the user to produce activation maps generated according to statistical semi-automated calculations and user input (design matrix, z-threshold etc.). Those activation maps are displayed as a new sequence on both 2D and 3D viewer.



Brainance MD gives the user the ability to combine the initial uploaded sequences and the calculated maps in a unified environment in order to facilitate multi-modal studies and provides him with a variety of data for a better understanding of each case.

For instance the activated regions specified by the fMRI processing can be used as ROIs for the Fiber Tracking process.


Brainance MD Capabilities


With Brainance MD you can create exam reports which include all the findings from the analysis of Brain MRI exams, such as screenshots, maps and annotations.

The report is generated automatically with a click of a button and can be downloaded in a pdf format. Moreover, the report can be saved back to your PACS as a DICOM file.

Exam reports are also available to your account and accessible by all members of your healthcare organization in order to achieve pair and cross reviews.


Multi Site

After creating your account on Brainance MD, you will be able to invite other people to join the organizational account.

Invited members such as neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and MRI technologists will be able to display, process and review the shared exams according to their accessibility rights. Your team can work collaboratively and even remotely on the same datasets.

No matter how many locations your healthcare institution has, you can share, manage and access your studies from anywhere under the same organizational account.

Multi Site

Data Management

Brainance MD is MRI vendor agnostic.

If you need help with PACS connection our technical team will assist you.

With Brainance MD you can also upload your exams by using the web-browser upload form within the platform. Select and upload the exams from your desktop or any external CD/DVD and USB device.

Export any generated report, screenshot, map, ROI or even fiber tracts in DICOM or NIFTI format. All results can be stored back to your PACS as new sequences of the initial study uploaded.

Data Management


The Privacy and Security of your personal information as well as your patient’s health information is our first priority.

Brainance MD applies robust security protocols during upload, download as well as throughout the entire storage period.

Brainance MD incorporates password security, encryption of data, SSL/TLS data trasmission protocol, encoded session key, HTTPS encrypted connection, user access rights and audit logs.


Solutions for

Connecting clinics, specialists and referrers
for more timely and accurate outcomes



Fully supported PACS interconnectivity and image management.

Brainance MD is designed to scale with your medical image processing needs. Accurate, fast, secure and cost-effective.


Connect with your hospital’s Brainance MD account and review patient brain MRI reports on the go. Optimize your time and provide quality services to your patients.


Teleradiology Companies

Upgrade your radiology department and start working with a highly productive, accesible and simple-to-use software application.

Your radiology team can access Brainance MD and your datasets from any location and at any time. Provide quality services to your clients and reduce your operating costs by paying as you go.

Pharma & CROs

Principal Investigators can easily upload the clinical trial datasets to Brainance MD and monitor the state of the brain on a functional and anatomical level throughout the trial period.

Multiple members of the trial can have access remotely in order to streamline the data processing steps.



Brainance MD is a FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked Class IIa medical device software. Brainance MD was developed under a certified ISO 13485 quality management system by Advantis Medical Imaging, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.

FDA 510(k)
CE Mark 2797
ISO 13485


Scale up or down at any time

Brainance MD is offered as a Software as a Service under flexible subscription plans.

In order to learn more about the available pricing plans please contact our team by scheduling an online meeting.