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Highly Accurate Diagnosis

Brainance’s in house developed fiber tracking algorithms can achieve high accuracy rates in the 3D reconstruction of the nerve fibers of the human brain assisting this way a more timely and accurate diagnosis.

Ease of Access

Brainance™ as a web service is easily accessible from any device, any location and any time. Just upload the exams you want to process to your account and start processing instantly.

Ease of Use

Brainance™ is characterized by simplicity and usability. Start working with Brainance® without the need of a user manual. Optimize your time and workflow. Less time with the software, more time with your patients.

Flexible Pricing

Brainance™ provides flexible pricing plans for all types of users based on the number of uploaded exams and software modules used. Manage your exams, manage your costs.

Modules & Updates

Brainance™ provides a wide range of modules for the processing of brain MRI exams. Any updates are automatically integrated to your account with no extra charge. Stay updated, keep your quality high.


Our dedicated team works every day to ensure that everything works fine. We can assist you with any technical or update issue you may encounter. Remote and efficient technical support.

Brainance's Applications

Brainance™ is an advanced MR neuro software solution which offers a variety of applications for the processing of brain MRI exams. Applications include Diffusion and diffusion tensor imaging with fiber tracking, Perfusion and Functional MRI.

Diffusion MRI Features:

  • Parametric Map auto-calculation (Color Map, ADC, FA, B0, AD, RD etc.)
  • Co-registration between DWI data and T1/T2 volume (linear & nonlinear)
  • ROI Map Import/Export
  • Atlas-based or hand-drawn ROI selection
  • Tensor Model or CSD for ODFs reconstruction
  • Fiber Tracking using Brainance’s innovative highly accurate methodology
  • Optional parameter value tackling for the fiber tracking (FA & angle threshold)
  • State-of-the-art 3D visualization of white matter fiber tracts superimposed on various underlay volumes (e.g. structural T1/T2, FA, color-coded eigenvector map) and fiber coloring according to direction, FA, AD or RD values
  • Fusion with structural images (T1/T2), fMRI and Perfusion maps
  • Export the results in DICOM format compatible to neuronavigation systems
  • Patient Profile / Report of each case exported in .pdf format

DSC Perfusion MRI Features:

  • nCBF, nCBV, MTT, Tmax map calculation
  • Comparison of perfusion signal between different ROIs (mirrored or not)
  • Atlas-based ROI selection
  • Histogram analysis
  • Fusion with DWI generated maps, structural images (T1/T2) and fMRI statistical maps
  • Patient Profile / Report of each case exported in .pdf format

Functional MRI Features:

  • Slice-time correction, Motion correction, Spatial Smoothing & High-pass filtering
  • Co-registration (linear & nonlinear) with structural images and anatomical brain atlases
  • Automatically set up the design matrix
  • Statistical analysis for map calculation
  • Ability to insert multiple conditions and to look over multiple contrasts
  • Fusion with DWI generated maps, structural images (T1/T2) and Perfusion maps
  • Patient Profile / Report of each case exported in .pdf format

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