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Advantis Medical Imaging is on a mission to alleviate the growing workload of radiology departments through the provision of AI-driven, reliable, automated and accessible MRI software solutions. Learn how we can help you focus more on clinical findings and less on software!

Our medical imaging software applications provide

All-in-one environment on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
All-in-one environment
Work with a multi-organ and multi-modality platform that can serve the demanding needs of modern multidisciplinary healthcare teams.
Automated Processing on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
Automated Processing
Automate the analysis of your MRI exams while working with sophisticated AI-driven processing methodologies, ensuring faster and better quality results.
Automated Reporting on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
Automated Reporting
Benefit from a standardized report, including all critical findings derived from your analysis. Easily send your report back to PACS.
Accessibility on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
Work from any location by just using a Google Chrome browser and internet connection. Collaborate with your team on shared exams on the basis of collaborative exam processing.
Support on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
Benefit from a zero-footprint platform by eliminating any installation and maintenance overhead. Get instant support from our expert technical team.
Security on Cloud Neuroimaging Software
Your medical data are securely transmitted and stored. Robust encryption protocols are applied in order to secure and protect any sensitive personal healthcare information. GDPR and HIPAA compliant platform.

Explore Advantis Platform

A multi-organ, user-friendly and automated imaging software for the analysis of MRI exams

Advantis Brain  (Brainance MD)

Advanced Neuroimaging made simple

  • Work in a single interface for the analysis of all your brain MRI sequences.
  • Save time through the automated processing pipelines.
  • Increase your productivity while working from any location. All you need is a web browser.

Advantis Prostate

Multiparametric Prostate MRI analysis within seconds

  • Eliminate manual work. Focus more on your findings and your patients.
  • Upgrade your workflow with our single-click standardized reporting tool.

What our users are saying

I am interested in platforms that automate MRI tractography, an MRI tool that allows neurosurgeons to identify important fiber tracts in their presurgical planning. Indeed, Advantis’ brain MRI solution provides excellent fiber tracking.

Dr. Dimitris G. Placantonakis

Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) is a user friendly and advanced brain MRI tool which changed my daily neurosurgical practice as its DTI tractography and fMRI images became a necessary preoperative study to plan my resections in eloquent brain gliomas. I also integrate the images in the neuronavigation system being able to validate the preoperative study with direct cortical and subcortical stimulation in the majority of cases.

Dr. Catarina Viegas

Neurosurgeon at Hospital Garcia de Orta

The use of Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) represents a valid aid tool in clinical practice, implementing the analysis of advanced sequences with perfusion, DTI and fMRI. The processing possibilities are wide and complete, with the possibility of extrapolating quantitative data and multimodal reconstructions. Technical support is always ready and valuable.

Prof. Alessandra Splendiani

Associate Professor of Neuroradiology at University Hospital of L’ Aquila

Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) offers an innovative and intuitive solution for advanced MRI post-processing, where efficiency meets ease-of-use.

Prof. Sotirios Bisdas

Clinical Neuroradiology Advisor, Consultant Neuroradiologist at UCL

Since we started using Advantis Brain (Brainance MD), we’ve been able to save time and increase our productivity, regarding the post-processing procedure of advanced brain MRI studies. The ease of use of Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) and the flexibility of access of this platform permit us to be much faster and more efficient in the management of our patients. Furthermore, by using Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) we achieved to develop a deeper internal know-how on the management of such studies.

Dr. Arkadios Rousakis, Radiologist

Hygeia Hospital, Athens

The analysis of the standard brain MRI anatomical scans is not always enough to generate the most reliable diagnostic results. This is why we use Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) for the display and post-processing of advanced neuroimaging sequences to achieve a more timely and reliable diagnosis of several brain pathologies.

Dr. Panagiotis Toulas

Radiologist - Director of MRI at Biomed Healthcare Group

Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) is an innovative platform for neuroimaging analysis with unique features that can’t be easily found on cloud based platforms. I had the chance to compare Brainance with other solutions and clearly, Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) outperformed the competition by identifying tracts that the others were unable to do so, having a direct clinical impact.

Nickolas Papanikolaou, Ph.D.

Head of Computational Clinical Imaging Group Center for the Unknown, Champalimaud Foundation

Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) is an advanced web based software, which offers high accuracy results in MRI exams such as Perfusion, DTI and fMRI, with the maximum quantitative and qualitative information to the minimum time usually needed for these types of high end MRI analysis.

Konstantinos Samiotis

MRI & Image processing Specialist, MRIcons LTD

Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) is a very credible and user friendly web based platform for advanced MRI brain analysis. Using state of the art algorithms high accuracy results are achieved. I strongly recommend the Brainance platform.

Haralabos Bougias

Head of post processing operations at Global Teleradiology Services

Having a long experience so far with different neuroimaging software for the analysis of DTI data, I came across the Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) and was really surprised by the ease of use, including anonymized data uploading in a web-based server and one-click preprocessing step before further analysis by the user. As a web-based software, Advantis Brain (Brainance MD) enabled me to work from my personal account whenever I had to and I would like, without restrictions on computer specifications and thus within a short period of time I was able to disseminate my research findings in international neuroimaging meetings and high-impact factor journals.

Dr. Foteini Christidi

Clinical Neuropsychologist (MSc, Phd)

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