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After five years of extensive research in the field of neuroimaging, Advantis Medical Imaging was founded to make available its advanced technology on the processing of MRI exams to the clinical and research community, enhancing this way the common effort of diagnosing severe chronic diseases.

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Research & Technology

Our dedicated and highly qualified research and product development teams always strive to develop and design optimized and user friendly software solutions for the end user, by exploiting cutting edge technologies.

Certificates & Compliance

We emphasize heavily to safety and security aspects of the product development process. We always ensure that our products meet the appropriate regulatory requirements in order to be used for clinical practice. Advantis is certified to ISO 13485, a quality management system standard for medical device manufacturers.


Our activity and growth revolve around our central value which governs our every action: To continuously strive for progress, invent new and innovative products which make a real impact for our customers and their patients.

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